healthy, glowy skin that makes you feel beautiful + pampered from head to toe. mother nature's finest ingredients rolled together in a nourishing, uplifting ball of moisture + hydration to stop cracking, itching, peeling, buring, breakouts, inflammation, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

what is a loba?

a loba is a ball of moisture, or a lotion ball. our LOBA'S are made of all-natural, organic, raw materials. we use the finest butters, oils, essential oils, and herbs to keep your skin happy and healthy. every single ingredient we use is nutrient dense and our unique loba blends each have properties that can promote physical, mental, emotional, and energetic or spiritual well-being.

our commitment to you

we aspire to provide you with products that are all-natural, utterly free of toxins or "nasties", and convenient to use. we use ingredients with high-frequency properties that can uplift, empower, and promote healing for your mind, body and spirit. each of our unique blends has benefits and properties that can promote physical, mental and energetic or spiritual well-being.

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