Our Story

Hi l o v e l i e s ! My name is Lindsey — it’s wonderful to meet you and have the opportunity to share my story with you..

I made my very first lotion ball in 2016 while living in my friends basement and in the midst of trying, endlessly, to get and s t a y WELL. Eventually, this company was born out of my growing love for wellness and clean, pure beauty.

I have sensitive skin and an annoying allergy to a chemical that seems to be in most hair and skin care products these days. I worked in the cosmetology industry for over 10 years and was around a lot of chemicals all day including the ones I was allergic to. After developing multiple health issues I packed my bags and left the cosmetology industry. For years, I used coconut oil from a jar as my only full-body lotion, but eventually I grew tired of the greasy feel and the mess and inconvenience of scooping crumbly oil from a jar. So I made my own creation. Something that worked for me. Something that was healing, cleansing, pure AND convenient to use.

the loba

My first lotion balls were made just for my own use but, eventually, I wanted to share this creation with the world and since it was a completely new product and a completely new way of applying lotion I wanted to give it its own name; so i came up with loba. A, sort of, nickname for ‘lotion ball’ but it also has so much more meaning (described below).


Loba, in spanish, is female wolf and the more i read about her the more i knew she had to act as our mascot. She is wilding pure and real. She takes care of herself while protecting and nurturing those around her and is known in the animal kingdom for her instinct, intuition and intelligence.

she-wolves have been described as confident, tolerant, generous, natural leaders, wild + playful, supportive, full of affection, strong but kind, patient + dignified, easy-going, happy, resilient, relaxed, kind, lovable and never harsh.

Along with our beautiful symbol of the she-wolf we were inspired by this magnificent earth and the incredible human beings living on it. Our inner drive to feel better than just “okay” and to live extraordinary lives moves us to find wellbeing and chase that feeling of truly being a l i v e .

the company

The Lovely Loba is committed to creating genuinely clean body and skin care products in convenient to use ways, while inspiring humankind to take advantage of the health-promoting, living resources Mother Earth provides.


Each of the ingredients used in our blends are manufactured in areas where the plant or crop grows indigenously and is shipped to our facility.

Our manufacturing process is done in a small batch facility and made by hand. No plastic or latex is used during production. All products are organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

promise to Y O U

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to provide the world with products that uplift, inspire and ignite health and well being. Our products will be as pure and un-altered as we can make them and we hope each item sold by The Lovely Loba may improve your health and well being in some way.

live alive, lovelies, we’re here for you.

xo - lindsey