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patchouli loba

this loba will give you the softest and smoothest skin you have ever experienced - but patchouli’s benefits don’t stop on the surface! on an internal level this loba can boost your mood, fight depression, a n d - our favorite quality about the patchouli loba - it will stimulate and regulate your hormones. so many products we put on our precious skin today d i s r u p t our hormones but this product will help to get everything back in alignment and feeling as fresh as your pre-pubescent self by calming those nasty PMS or PMDD symptoms (yes, the physical, mental and emotional ones). hallelujah.

oh you want more benefits from this one little ball? well, here you go, along with all that wonderful-womanly-hormone-stuff, patchouli’s ability to boost hormones also applies when speaking about your libido, or sex drive. “used as an aphrodisiac for years patchouli oil boosts testosterone and estrogen levels, and can have a huge impact on intimate relationships” (dr. axe). benefits of the patchouli loba: soft + subtle skin, hormone balancing + boosting, libido driver, mood balancing, neutralizes depression and anxiety, immune boosting, body odor banashing (natural deodorant), bug repellant.

the patchouli loba is safe for and recommend for soothing and healing from head to toe (not recommend to use under makeup application).

apply in the morning for all day benefits, anytime of day as a massage balm, or at night to help lull you off to dreamland. this blend is a wonderful way to calm the morning tension, evening mind spirals or to calm symptoms of PMS and PMDD.

ingredients: shea butter, patchouli, coconut oil, jojoba. that’s it.