elasticity + collagen

$34.00 USD

frank + shea loba

shea butter and frankincense come together to make this dynamite duo — arguably Mother Nature’s most healing blend. this loba has a soft and inviting fragrance to match it’s comforting and healing effects.

from healing skin disorders, imperfections and acne, to encouraging hydration and boosting collagen, to smoothing wrinkles and stretch marks this loba blend is sure to have you coming back for more. it’s safe for and recommend as facial and full body hydration, soothing and healing. for more info learn about why frankincense is called the king of essential oils and why you want it on your skin daily.

possible uses: daily body moisturizer, nightly hydration cream, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, advanced healing of cuts or light burns, sun/wind protection, stretch mark prevention, stretch . mark smoother, anti-aging cream for face and body, diaper rash cream, nipple cream (lanolin replacement, soothe inflammation from arthritis or autoimmune disease, mood boost, memory and focus boost.

ingredients: shea butter, frankincense, jojoba. that’s it.