mama mashup bag

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this lil’ bag of goodies with give you everything you need to survive your pregnancy, child birth + life with your newborn baby! well, okay, maybe not everything - but these BALLM’s will certainly help you and your skin get through one of the most beautiful experiences (but also one of the biggest adjustments) life has to offer. inside  an adorable organic drawstring bag you'll find the following four Ballm blends:


collagen + elasticity

Frankincense + Elemi essential oils are both incredible for naturally enhancing your skin's collagen production + encouraging new cell growth. each can aid in creating elasticity in skin, reducing inflammation, fine lines + wrinkles, preventing or reducing stretch marks + scarring, and reducing acne or large pores. safe for facial use and on you baby.

apply in specific problem areas including areas where you'd like to avoid stretch marks or perineal tears. if your using this "down there" to avoid perineal tears during labor, start use 2-3 weeks before your due date, and consider having a partner help you apply. to apply do one of the following: 

1. warm your Ballm up on your arm or in the palm of your hand, then glide the Ballm directly over the area

2. apply Ballm liberally on your hand(s) and apply with hand

(research suggests that Frankincense is is anit-cancer, anti-tumor! HERE is a link to an article with the research sited.)


Patchouli is know for it’s balancing, harmonizing + grounding properties for hormones + skin. this means it can help to balance mood swings brought on by hormonal changes, soothe hormonal acne, give you a feeling of being grounded + may even serve as a neuro-protectant against nerve cell damage, degeneration + impairment of function.*

safe for facial use. for acne or dry skin apply to specific problem ares. to calm and balance mood and hormones, use full body, for best results. also a great deodoriser.


calm + sleep

Lavender is know for it’s calming, anxiety reducing, depression lifting + sleep inducing properties. it may also aid in reducing fine lines + wrinkles, inflammation, acne + dark spots on skin. with continued use it may help improve gut health + respiratory issues.*great for full body use to help calm the mind and body anytime of day, or before bedtime (for you or baby). safe for facial use and on your baby.


hydrate + protect

this blend is our original recipe + is filled with 3 of mother natures finest butters. shea butter, cocoa butter + coconut oil come together to hydrate, soften, cleanse + protect your largest organ. it’s scent is of soft chocolate + it will give your skin a lasting pampered and hydrated experience! apply to areas where you want to avoid stretch marks or soothe and protect dry irritated skin. this Ballm can also be used as a stretch mark cream, nipple balm or diaper rash cream on your little one. this blend isn’t recommended for facial use.with some added cocoa butter this blend is great for deep, deep full body hydration. it will help with skin elasticity and inflammation and is great to use as a nipple balm while nursing. great for use on your baby (diaper rash cream, eczema). safe for your baby. not recommend for facial use.


*all essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and will help to ground or balance your body.

**our products are not certified by the FDA as a drug and we do not claim that our products cure any diseases.